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Rate Plan Management

Multiple Rate Plans / Flexible Rate Management

Flexible & Advanced Routing

Multiple Routing Policies, Including LCR and Failover

Live Call Monitoring

Monitor Realtime calls.

Payment Management

Supports Multiple Payment Gateways Integration

Analysis & Reporting

Rich Reporting module with graphs customer point / Destination point reports.

SMS and Email Based Alert

Get Email / SMS Alerts on Low Balance or any other triggers

DID Management

DID Management System, Routing DID’s to multiple destinations

Client Management

Client Portal, Where client can check their Rates / Billing / CDR’s and even live call

iKcon Softswitch

iKcon Infotech, is resolved to give top of the line arrangements focusing on specific business regions like ‘Class 5 Softswitch‘. A Softswitch can deal with media server limit for organization revelations, internal data exchanges, gathering or multi-way brings and voice over web convention calls. iKcon Softswitch is not limited to a particular class in any capacity. Accordingly, it helps us to give modified courses of action according to individual business necessities, It also includes real-time billing and has a flexible rate management system for Customer and Vendor rates, Ikcon Softswitch also provides Security against the threats like Ddos attacks, MySQL Injection, etc. It is a complete switch a client needs.

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Softswitch Key Features

iKcon Softswitch has Integrated billing system so you don’t require separate billing with iKcon Switch

Advanced reporting system gives you access of each and every reports.

If you have multiple gateways and different pricing for same country, system will pick the least price for that particular country from the list.

Real Time Alerts keep you posted for any update or changes in the switch which you need to know.

With Real time billing your users will not extend their limits, calls will be stopped when not appropriate balance.

Own product means which comes with your company’s branding and logo. Get complete White Label System.

You can create several rate groups for separate clients, and can enter expiration date of Rates.

Check live status of the calls running through the system

iKcon Switch is compatible with Wholesale and Retail, so you can do both with one switch.

Complete Class 5 Softswitch Features

Customer Management

Can Generate bulk batch of Calling cards.

Can generate bulk customers / resellers / agents without any limit.

Customize Email Templates as per your needs.

Record All calls from customer.

Can add multiple IP’s for Incoming calls.

Multiple Billing Module with Prepaid / Postpaid Billing Cycle.

Auto Recharge a customer as per your needs.

Can send credit notifications via Email / SMS to customers.

Can Create Multiple SIP accounts for a single customer.

Custom Invoices for each customer.

Can update / Edit multiple customers at once.

Supports almost evey currency and the currency is synced from xe.com everyday

Has a Mass Mail Feature where you can send a product email to multiple customers.

Customer has their own reports section which includes (CDR / Rates, etc).

Own portal for every customer

Softswitch Wholesale Reseller Management

Multi-layer reseller support.

Resellers can have their own customers and can manage them from their portal.

Custom rate Management for Resellers.

Resellers can generate invoices for their customers.

Resllers have their own reports section.

Resellers can manage their own DID’s and assign it to their customers.

VoIP Service Options

Can Support SIP / IAX / H.323 protocols.

Can Switch SIP over TCP for Microsoft OCS Authentication.

Username and password / IP authentication / prefix authentication.

Can manipulate Caller ID as needed.

Can Support G.711 / G.729 / G.732.1 / GSM codecs.

Can Transcode Codecs as per your needs.

Calling Card & Call-Back

Can have 2 options for calling card authentication.

Can assign Caller ID for pinless authentication.

Can Create custom IVR’s for Calling Cards.

Support multi Language.

Can automatically assign caller ID to Customer and their calling cards.

Can Create your own IVR.

You can change your Caller ID through the IVR.

Access / Manage Calling Cards with IVR.

Receive Balance IVR on every call.

IVR plays the rate for the dialed destination.

Generate Multiple Calling Cards at once.

Detailed CDR Reports.

Traffic Reporting

Setup Margin / Mark-up for each call from customer.

  • Calls by user & by destination
  • Statistics by trunk
  • ASR (Answer Seizure Ratio)
  • ALOC / ACD (Average Length of Call / Average Call Duration)
  • CIC (Consecutive Incomplete Calls)
  • Total calls
  • CDR’s / Margin reports on Dialed number.

    Complete Margin Reports.

    Compare Traffic statistics

    Displays Live calls.

    Softswitch DIDs

    Route DID Calls to various destinations.

    Client can purchase DID and you can re-assign the DID.

    Admin / Reseller can allocate DID’s to customers.

    Separate Billing for DID’s.

    DID failover Destinations allocation.

    Detailed report for the DID.

    Import bulk DID’s.

    Supports API for DID’s.

    Billing Invoicing & Payments

    Can recharge via Vouchers.

    Can control Customer’s balance.

    Full Report of Refill / Payment and transactions.

    Can use the online portal for payments.

    Control manual Payments from the portal.

    Automatic Invoice Generation and Emailing the clients.

    Invoice Creation / Editing / Deleting.

    Reseller can user their own details for the Invoice.

    All resellers can configure their company details for the Invoice.

    Rate groups / Tariff

    Simple GUI for Rates Management.

    Create different Rate Groups for Customers / Resellers.

    Can Create multiple packages for customers.

    Can select carriers for each rate.

    Can select subscription for a rate group.

    Two types for routing policies LCR (Least Cost Routing) or LCD (Least Cost Dialling).

    Can Automatically select the route as per the routing policies.

    Can Import rates from excel.

    Can search rates / updates / history.

    Required Server Specifications

    Intel Core i3 Processor 4 Gb RAM 200 GB HDD

    Linux server should be on public IP and should have a Domain
    SSL Certificate – To Protect your Server

    Linux CENTOS 7.x (64 bit) (complete installation).

    VoIP Carrier which supports SIP calls, g711, g723 and g729 codecs.

    Wholesale Class 5 Softswitch Frequently Asked Questions

    Upto 2000 CC, its entirely depend on server specifications.

    Yes, Payment Gateway can be integrated as per your requirements.Currently supported Payment Gateways are PayPal, Moneybookers, Skrill.

    Yes, It does support Calling Card System, It has all the latest features which is required for Calling Card Business.

    iKcon Softswitch is Completely secure system with Features like Fail2ban, protect from Mysql injection, Ddos attacks, etc.

    Here are our billing increments by location: USA and Canada: 1 second initial; 1 second increments Mexico: 60 seconds initial; 60 second increments Gambia: 60 seconds initial; 1 second increments Other countries: 1 seconds initial; 1 second increments.

    ULAW,ALAW,G723,G726,G729,GSM,ILBC,SPEEX codecs.

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