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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Intelligently automate inbound call distribution to route customer support queries to the best-suited agent according to type of information required, agent availability and agent skill-set

Skill-based Routing

Skill-based Routing

Connect each customer to the best suited agent available for interaction. Enhanced skill based routing with the provision of a smart scheduler helps inbound call centers to identify longest idle agents with higher accuracy.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Integrate your IVR with your crm to enable self-service for the customers and in case of further assistance, make sure right customer reaches the right agent at the right time.

Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel Support

Do not lose out on any opportunity to interact with the customers via multiple channel as per their convenience. Inbound call centers providing omnichannel support are better equipped to resolve customer queries dynamically.

Virtual Queuing

Virtual Queuing/ VQ Pass

Reduce call abandonment rate by giving customers the option of ‘Passing’ the queue and connecting directly to the agent after getting notified about the expected wait time or requesting a callback at a convenient time.

Unified Agent Desktop

Unified Agent Desktop

Arm your agents with a single view of all interaction channels, customer data, previous interactions and knowledge base.

Customer 360 Degree

Customer 360 Degree

Map your customer journey across channels, arm your agents with a single view of conversation with customers and improve customer support.

Social Conversations

Social Conversations

Use social media tools to convert your customers into promoters. Integrate Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, and Line, be where your customer is.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Reduce agent on-boarding time and make sure your agents have up-to date information to answer customer support queries.

iKcon CC System

iKconCC is well known name in Call Center Industry, more than 100’s of live clients with 1000’s of live users are experiencing the solution.

Improve your call center operations with a iKcon call center solution that covers all your outbound and inbound call center needs.

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iKcon CC System

We provide solutions according to our Customer needs. On-premise, Public Cloud, Private cloud or Hybrid deployments. We got it covered. Experience on the fly integrations with Agent toolbars & pre-built connectors for leading third-party CRM’s. Provide easy and effective Self-service IVR options for basic customer queries saving customer time and effort. Automate Chat interactions with intelligent personalized Chatbot to serve FAQ’s and mundane queries.

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Key Features

Take phone support to a whole new level with a flexible and highly customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software.

Automate dialing process to power up your outbound customer interactions and improve call center agent productivity.

Apply the most suitable calling strategy to reach out to your customers through simultaneous inbound and outbound campaigns for improving agent utilization.

With Ameyo’s smart call center software, agents don’t need to manually punch the numbers. Connecting with customers in a single click improves agent efficiency.

Single window workbench to helps call center agents to reduce average handling time (AHT).

Install out of the box self monitoring application into your call center software system and help your agents to analyze their activities including average handling time, number of calls attended and converted

Record each interaction between your customers and call center agents to manage the data for quality and performance assessment.

Mangers can step up the conversations If required to handle interactions better by assisting the agents and give cues for better interactions without hampering customer experience.

With call snooping feature, managers can monitor agents by listening their live calls during any conversation with the customer to ensure call quality standards are being met

Complete Features

Listen into an active call from another extension.

Block inbound calls by the caller id.

Create a recording and select one or more groups to have the system call and play the recording.

Creates a robust Incoming call center environment with agent tiers.

Various reporting capabilities to see who called, when, call length, export to a csv file, and call detail statistics.

Typically used with day night mode. To direct calls between two destinations. Can work with BLF on phone to show which direction call will be directed to.

Forward to another extension or to any phone number.

View which extensions are currently in a call.

Record all or some calls or parts of the call.

Send the call different directions or perform actions based on reading the caller id info or other call information.

A beep while on a call and to toggle between two different calls.

Support for customization and supporting providers.

Set up voice and video conference calls, is optionally secure with a PIN number, and can transfer current calls to a conference. Interactive conference control provides ability to see the list of callers in the conference and manage the volume, see who is talking, kick, mute, unmute, deaf, undeaf, profiles and controls.

Manage your contacts. Import contacts from Outlook CSV files. Export contacts to your cell phone with QR Codes.

The dialplan is used to setup call destinations based on conditions and context. You can use the dialplan to send calls to gateways, auto attendants, external numbers, to scripts, or any destination.

Direct calls to voicemail by default however there is an option when using do not disturb to send the call to an alternative destination.

Create extensions for phones to register to and an option to receive emails on missed calls.

Summary of extension activity per domain such as misssed calls, answered calls, no answer, inbound duration, outbound duration, number of outboud calls, number of inbound calls and Average length of Conversation (ALOC). The summarized information can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Allows calling multiple extensions or external numbers./p>

Gateways provide access into other voice networks. These can be voice providers or other systems that require SIP registration.

Routes used to receive or send calls in or out

Create a structured interactive voice prompt for callers to use

Allows multiple categories of music on hold that can be set globally or per domain. Can inject additional audio on intervals such as ‘Your call is very important to us please stand by’.

Domain based multi-tenant using subdomains such as red.pbxhosting.tld green.pbxhosting.tld blue.pbxhosting.tld

A virtual panel that agents can drag and drop transfer calls. Adjust call state from available, on break, do not disturb and logged out.

Send a call to an unused “park” extension. The caller listens to music on hold until another extension connects to the call.

Create and manage personalized recordings.

Make one extension ring several extensions and an option to receive emails on missed calls.

A extension that can be timed to route calls based on domain select, global option, move to other domains, and holiday presets.

Edit, change or add users of all permission levels.

Has ability to copy voicemails for other voicemail boxes when receiving a voicemail. Additional features include voicemail to email and voicemail IVR. Forward add intro, check box for multi-delete.

Have voicemails sent to email.

Converts voicemails to text.

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