A revolutionary way to expand your VoIP Billing System


VoIP billing is specially designed software for collecting, calculating billing details, invoice of calls and other online payment gateways. VoIP billing helps user to expand their unified communications in your own network. With the help of VoIP billing software, user can launch, price and provision their data and voice services.

  • VoIP billing system helps in automated billing and collection.
  • It helps in monitoring sales data
  • It replicate the actual position of organisation
  • Update the financial history.
  • It is an absolute financial accounting.
  • VoIP billing system is able to knob large numbers of customers prepaid as well as post paid customers.
  • It provides you various reports like charging, payment, call data records etc.
  • It integrates your needs like merchant services, payment gateways etc.
  • Account flexibility and so on.
  • Notifications.

Advanced and inimitable characteristics of VoIP billing solution

  • Our VoIP billing software is appendage with advanced features like call reporting, deposit adjustments, account information, report handling, call records, name and so on.
  • We employ the latest and most revolutionary technologies to deliver the VoIP services and products.
  • Our VoIP billing system is well anticipated to manage and simplify all customer service at one folio.
  • Our VoIP billing solution provides reliable, approved and authorized billing solution.
  • Our VoIP billing system maintains and keep all the records about financial history of organisation. Its helps in setting the new targets and achieve the desired goals.
  • Our VoIP billing system is secured therefore prevents the data from any unauthorised access to the system, hack or theft.


Callshop solution is a revolutionary technique to perform phone calls using voice over internet call instead of traditional phone lines.


Rate Management

You can update and change the Termination Rates, Import rate sheet, Origination Rates and update the Expiry of rates.

Rate Management

Mobile Topup

Simple and various TopUp alternatives are accessible in ikcon SoftSwitch.

Mobile Topup

Calling Card

Calling Card solution guarantees you to dispatch your own distinguishing mark arrangement in your nation and assure the most astounding mechanical nature of administrations.


Payment Gateway

Simple and various TopUp alternatives are accessible in ikcon SoftSwitch. Select payment gateway as per your convenience.

Rate Management

Live Call Monitoring

VoIP Billing System has features like Live Call Monitoring,  Live Call Calculation table – Current and Previous calls.

Live Call Monitoring

Why iKcon Infotech?

Why Choose Us?

Flexible and Secure

Our VoIP Billing System is exceptionally Flexible and Secure. Your Billing iInformation constantly protected.

User Friendly

We have an easy-to-use, custom billing system at iKcon Infotech, letting you save money by managing your VoIP and other services.

LCR & Gateway

VoIP Billing includes LCR, Gateway and many other valuable required services


We care for our customers and desire their loyalty by ensuring our products and services are of the highest quality possible and come with a price advantage.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We think After-sales service is more important than assistance before sales. We believe in great customer service.

24/7 Technical Support

With our reliable 24/7 Technical Support Line, we make sure that you can reach an iKcon Infotech Customer Service representative around the clock.