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Take a VoIP calling knowledge to a radical new level with Ikconinfotech SIP Softphone.  iKcon Infotech’s new SIP Softphone is composed in a way where it is competent to supplant desktop telephones and change over a PC in the virtual phone with its progressed and highlight rich capacities. The Free SIP Softphone is suited to all most recent innovation for the VoIP framework.Since it is equipped to give unrivaled voice exchange quality and other key and included components of the VoIP Softphone, the iKconInfotech SIP Softphone have every one of the abilities of being the vigorous item in the contemporary SIP VoIP Softphone field.

The mere idea of being able to commute anytime and anywhere from PC to PC and from PC to phone through the SIP based VoIP gateway provider by using this VoIP Softphone software, allows you to enjoy a smooth and easy communicating experience. Easy to deploy and use, this software is a user’s delight in every way. The demo which is available for download, it is worth giving a try.

PC Softphone is capable to have 4 lines along with call recording and call conferencing. It is not only limited to that, it can also transfer (Xfer) call, keep it on hold / unhold, redial or auto accepts the call. what’s best, it also supports DND (Do not Disturb), NAT/Firewall support, STUN server support, ICE support, debug mode (SIP message log), Codec, G729, G711 u, G711 a, G722, GSM, iLbc, Speex/ 8000, Speex/16000 , Speex / 32000, Codec selection and Codec Quality Control (Bandwidth control).

Added features include, silence suppression, echo cancellation, uses NEW RFC 3261 compliant stack, DTMF (RFC 2833), RFC 3951: Internet Low Bit rate Codec (iLBC), registration timeout, acoustic echo cancellation, packet concealing, Packet Loss, Concealment (PLC), Comfort Noise Generator (CNG) and Resampling. Not only that, iKcon Infotech SOFTPHONE VERSION is capable to display Balance, Credit time and Display Call history.

PC communicator (voice, video & IM) is feature rich with Audio Call, Video Call, Instant Messaging (IM), Smileys, Rich Text Format, File Transfer, Hold / Unhold, Address, Book, History, NAT/Firewall support, STUN/TURN server Support.

White Label

White Label (Co-Branding) Solution. Get your company’s Name and Logo.

White Label

Elegant User Interface

User Friendly, Modern User Interface

Elegant User Interface

Account Balance Display

Account Balance and Rate Display on the Dialpad

Account Balance Display

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