5 Tips to Find Best Callshop Solution and Start Business

Callshop is growing business now days. If you are planning to start your own Business, then you need to find best Service Provider first, who will provide you all the required features in the system which you will be requiring to start. Before proceeding let’s understand the System and how it works.


It is a system which provides access to phones for making International calls or long distance calls in very affordable prices. owner will provide booth to end user for making calls and once end user will complete then invoice automatically will get generated and user will make the payment, it has both the options like prepaid and postpaid. As earlier in traditional where various booth creation was very challenging and costly, now in VoIP based booths gets created easily and can be managed without any issue.
5 Tips Must Have to Start your Business
  • A Callshop System that has features like automatic Invoicing and Billing, call routing, call reporting and call monitoring feature.
  • Termination Gateway Providers: To terminate the calls and different destination you will require to interconnected with termination gateway provider around the world.
  • Telephone: Here telephone refers to end user hardware through which user will make call to the destination. There are various options are available like VoIP phones, Mobile VoIP phone or PC Softphone that is connected. Mobile dialers are best option now-a-days which can be installed on smart phone or on tablets.
  • Support: Once you will finalize your Provider make sure they offer 24/7 support so if in case you require any help then they will be available to resolve the issue.
  • Reliable: You need to find the reliable and scalable system so your clients will get good voice quality and great services from you which will be helpful for your orgnaziation’s growth.
iKcon Infotech is best Solution provider, and our system is getting overwhelming response and appreciations from our existing clients. We provide white label products means you can have your company’s logo and branding on the products like Softswitch and Mobile Dialers.

How to Start Calling Card Business?

Before we talk about how to start your own Calling Card Business, it is important to see how it really functions.


Selling calling cards fundamentally means purchasing software. When somebody purchases from you at their market, they will utilize your minutes to make their calls and your server will charge them in like manner.

Since this system works with VoIP, you will have the capacity to offer your customers calls at a small amount of the cost of regular calls yet at the same time offer them awesome quality.

People those who need to call family and friends abroad, tourists that want to call their country – they have benefits for everybody!




There are such a variety of various Calling Apps today that let you make calls specifically from your cell phone, you might ask why this still have a place in the market today?

As a matter of first importance, numerous software providers permit you to utilize their cards from both landlines and mobiles. Calling applications by and large just work from mobiles. It is easy to use and works without issues. There is a major market for offering as people are continually searching for less expensive ways to call abroad. If done appropriately, this can transform into an extremely profitable.



Similarly as the name says it, clients should enter their PIN to make a call (normally found on the back of the card)


These will perceive the client and they won’t need to put a PIN before utilizing. You can offer your customers either just PIN, only PINless or a combination of both sorts.





This is the primary part. Ensure you get your server from a dependable organization – if your Switch doesn’t work the entire things will be down. in the event that you are simply beginning, one server ought to be sufficient, when your profit increases, consider adding servers to guarantee security.

If you want to begin  with just low investment, you can go with Hosted Services – In Hosted you get option to pay on monthly basis instead to all in one go.


This is additionally an essential part, if there is no internetconnection.

It is encouraged to put your server in a co-location, as the web is significantly less liable to go down in such places than in your home or office. Likewise think about having second internet connection for backup purpose.


You will require a PC or Laptop to deal with the  platforms via web-interface.


The software or platform can be either part of or an expansion to the class 5. The  software will guarantee the smooth running of your business.

Confirm your provider provides you both the options for (PINBase and PINless)


The billing software will gather the data from the call your customer made, and charge for it. iKcon Billing comes with features of Integrated Billing.

iKcon Switch has integrated Billing system which is very easy to use and 100% Reliable Billing System that means Reliable Income.

Features which comes with the package:

  • PIN Generation services
  • Expiry Dates
  • Usage Fee
  • Prepaid/Postpaid
  • Flat Fee Accounting

iKcon Infotech provides Affordable and Reliable Services which Includes with Billing, Customized Mobile Dialer, Wholesale Solution, DID Numbering Solution, IVR Solutions, Callshop System and Solutions, IPPBX System, Softphone,  and many more. For more information please visit to our website www.ikconinfotech.com or email us at sales@ikconinfotech.com