How to Grow Your VoIP Business?

Technology is changing very fast now a day, VoIP is one of the latest technologies which is grooming like anything and reaching to new height at good pace, reason for growth of VoIP is its less expenditure and good quality. That is the reason what IP telephony demand has also at the bounce.

If you have started your own VoIP business whether its Wholesale and Retail. Wholesale and Retail has its own markets. If you just started or going to start, then you need to take care of few things which will help you to grow your VoIP business. For starting VoIP business first and foremost thing you will require is Class 5 Softswitch. This is the heart of VoIP business, so while choosing Softswitch you need to take care of few things like first check the quality of the product because your business depends on the quality and features which your Softswitch has. It’s better to go with reliable and scalable product which will help you to boost your business too.

Things to remember:

  • Check the Demo of the Softswitch
  • Compare the Features
  • Check for Support because you will require 24/7 support
  • Don’t go with overwhelmed features which might not be useful for you however you will end up paying extra for those features
  • Have good knowledge of the Softswitch before starting as you might need to make changes anytime as per the requirements of the customer, if you don’t have good knowledge of the system then you might need to hire someone for support otherwise if your clients issue will not be resolved on time you might end up loosing them which will be big loss to your business

Above points states how to retain the existing customers, because retaining an existing customer is equal to getting 2 new customers because on acquiring two new customers you need to spend money so its better to retain your existing clients along with acquiring new customers. So best thing to provide good customer service and on the spot resolution to their problems. If you are dealing with Retail customers, then all you need to do is compete your competitors, at the initial stage of your business you need to compete their price along with quality. To check their services first you need to understand the quality of services they are providing and along with the charges. Then if you are competing with any existing brand then check the reviews of their clients what exactly the issue are they facing so work on your system before launching your product.

Above tips will help you to grow your existing VoIP business or will help you if you are going to start a new one. We are iKcon Infotech. We have been dealing with VoIP based products like Softswitch, Mobile Dialers, PBX System and many more from past several years. For more information of our products and free demo you can visit to or email us at

What to Check While Choosing Best Class 4/5 Softswitch for Your Business?

Before finalizing an organization, be certain that since downtime concerns and difficulties are potential, and the provider provides 24/7 and good customer service, because support is the first and foremost thing which needs to be checked while choosing provider, downtime may lead to loss of business and above all customer dissatisfaction, so make sure your provider is has scalable and reliable product along with good after sale service.  You can check the scalability of the product by checking the trial service as trial will give you understanding and live features of the product as well, which will be beneficial for you while finalizing from many options. There are few more tips mentioned in this article which will make your work easier to pick the best one.


This Technology empowers users to produce international and long distance mobile calls at considerably rates with connectivity.  As a question of fact, soft-switch is much superior than circuit engineering.  Signals compresses into digital data packets and communicates these.  This method ensures call quality. Soft-switch is really capable of managing communicating series that involve voice data traffic and facsimile.  It can keep signaling protocols such as VoIP.  Financial and management burden on businesses has diminished.  Your VoIP Softswitch’s function will be always to offer you a potent and adept system for communicating between packet and circuit switched networks.  When linked with a data system, a soft-switch helps appeals such as video and voice conferencing web browsing and multimedia record sharing out of the packet and circuit switched networks.

Best Class 4_5 Softswitch

VoIP has achieved a landmark ever due to the communication dependence on corporations and industry enterprises.  Softswitch could be the significant component in VoIP technology.  It’s the apparatus in the telecommunications system which connects phone calls.  This apparatus is divided to Class 5 Softswitch and Class 4 Softswitch.  Softswitch technology could be the technology from the telecommunications system, which has been combined with features including trustworthiness, affordability and security.


The telecommunications business is becoming reliant with this technology.  Most of the businesses are moving to this new technology because of the reliability and efficiency and taking advantage of latest features which is making this much easier compared to old one. The Class 4 technology is well recognized because of the unique abilities.  4 is just one being among the very potent. Class-4 simplifies scrutinizes surgeries and the system direction.  It provides expandability. Softswitch is a technology within the business, that has brought.  Both companies and taxpayers are becoming gained from the technology.


Be certain you analyze whenever you’re working to out source your communicating requirements.  A web search will enable one to locate an assortment of soft-switch providers together side their service bundles. Given that the Softswitch technology is now progressed for the scope, exactly what exactly are you waiting for?  Proceed, Have the Exact Same today. For Free Demo of the services you can visit to and get Demo of the services.

How IVR System Can Be Beneficial for Your Organization’s Growth?

There certainly are several variables to try to find when your company has made a decision to execute an Interactive Voice Response option. The Interactive Voice Response will likely be several callers’ first experience of your business. Nevertheless, a program that is badly designed can do a great deal toward making it their last! For anybody who’s interested in what differentiates option that is outstanding from an insufficient one, get prepared because I will offer your a sponsor of facets and factors before you get it to examine.

Speech quality is most critical feature and the first to remember. Clients are not able to speak louder or even to just obtain that some thing additional is pronounced by the digital representative attentively because language is the method. Playing the representative is really irritating, or in the event the language motor is just too hard to comprehend, then callers’ meeting using the option is going to be looked at badly from the initial term.
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.37.42 PM
Artificial Intelligence is the next tremendous distinguishing factor between reduced option and a terrible one. This technology that is conventional are simply speech-recognition layers. Consumers have flexibility that is overall, and might bypass to to varying degrees low -linearly, But tools that are common depend on on a limited variety of choices at just about any time that is given. Dialogs that are organic are not like this. Only envision you found your-self handed off to somebody otherwise any period and just how relationships with co-workers and close friends may possibly proceed should they expected only a restricted variety of conversation choices you introduced them with some thing fresh!

To avoid this, a great option only makes every digital representative a duplicated, Artificial Intelligence Mind. The mind starts on vocabulary such as just how dialogues may stream with plenty of sensible information that is fundamental, as well as gets details regarding the as yet not known caller. By simply combining this into a enterprise inner data with information regarding and access an unnaturally intelligent IV R option that is quality, and sources may often be equally as effective as a genuine broker. Furthermore, the mind that is re-training would have been an easy job, an important certification in the current fast paced environment. Several options really have long term storage, keeping details from telephone that is previous calls in a way that that clients are given what seems to be their own personal realtor that is very.

IV R options has to be assessed depending on their intelligence that was artificial. As to get plenty of information at their removal, they ought to constantly be somewhat along with using a a strong infrastructure. Recall information formerly provided they they must know the way conversations flow and empower customers to socialize in a nonlinear fashion in addition to them.

Just one more good thing about a nonlinear layout driven by AI is the fact that it may more rapidly pinpoint the reason a person is telephoning. Certainly no Thing more frustrating than wasting moment using a menu that is conventional -established telephone device, and then to find out that that your demands are past the range of the IV R option that is in spot. Maybe not just does this signify caller time that is squandered, . nevertheless, it is a waste of efficacy at your organization. Imagine, while among the outlines is tied up your representative that is digital laboriously reasons that it can-not help. Picking this moment an instrument driven by AI decreases out, fosters reduces need and caller satisfaction in employees in addition to your call center elements. So, A.I. might be be the many significant level subsequent language quality in ensuring your callers will happily come together with your Interactive Voice Response, potentially preferring it to reside representatives!


What is Cloud PBX and how Can Be Useful for Your Business?

Good Internet Speed and New Technologies have created great products which is very useful for small and big businesses. Products like IP-PBX has brought so many changes in businesses and now easily in reach of every business.

Cloud Telephony for Business lets you run your organization better through flexible, affordable voice and advanced coordinated communications functionality which can be readily scaled down or up, enhancing your productivity and keeping you in contact with customers and your associates with little or no care. In the event that you need 200 extensions however, you just pay for 200 extensions.

I understand that you will not only consider so I ‘ve summarized below the crucial advantages you discover from using a hosted system that cloud telephony is great for your company. Cloud Telephony is cost effective – unlike conventional systems that may cost thousands have high-priced monthly care prices with hosted telephony and usually to put in place you simply cover the service which you need. You simply pay for whatever you use. So, contrary to other technological progress, by adopting technology with cloud telephony you can really save cash.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.37.31 PM


It includes free calls between extensions and offices, competitive voice rates. It includes enterprise and contact center agents -level features in a tiny business cost. Productivity can enhance – With hosted service your workers stay connected whether they have been in your workplace, at home or on the road – the exact same Incorporate Communications functionality can be accessed by your staff members no matter place or device

You ought to inquire in case your organization is experiencing the following a hosted cloud and telephony choice:

Your present lease to your PBX that is present is upward – Sadly, and we have seen it many times, the moment the lease is up our customers begin to see issues. Small faults there and here but things appear to quit functioning.
There is an enormous care statement on your system that is current – odds are you will quickly get hit with high-priced upkeep price for your own phone system Once your lease has finished in your present PBX. There aren’t any care costs, when you yourself have a hosted system. This can be all the issue of someone else.

You’re outgrowing your present office space – If staff has been trusted by you but are outgrowing your present office space, then a hosted solution could possibly be an excellent alternative for you personally. iKcon Infotech is growing in popularity and with a hosted, you will give your staff the exact same functionality they might as should they were in work. This implies that you in the exact same time lower your overheads and can raise your staff.

For more Information and Free demo you can visit to our website or apply for Free Demo and our representative will explain you better by checking your need.


Is Internet Phone Replacing the Conventional Telephone?

When you change to internet phone service, not only can you save lots of cash – but in addition, you have a tendency to invest more time speaking with unlimited long distance calling because with long distance friends as well as family because it is free!

As making phone calls on the net doesn’t use any telephone wires that are local, there are several drawbacks to the service which you must know about. Since an internet phone (also called – voice over internet protocol) needs a “live” internet connection, it is vital that you notice when your net is down the internet phone service is not going to operate. In the event the electricity is out your internet phone as your web modem or router needs electricity to be able to work will be down. Because of this, it isn’t best to make use of internet phone service as your “one and only” telephone in case your home is in a region that’s prone to regular power outages or internet service dependability problems.

A lot of people that change from conventional “land line” phone service to internet phone service do so as the huge price savings linked with Voice Over Internet Protocol way outweighs the possible irritation brought on by occasional electricity or web failure. This may represent a savings of maybe more versus conventional phone service or $500 a year, depending on your own long distance calling customs.

To avoid the problem as a result of web or electricity failure of temporary loss in service, internet phone service plans come with a few free calling features which can be useful in these scenarios. Every one of the top VoIP suppliers possess a totally free call forwarding “hunting” attribute which allows one to get your calls routed to different amounts if there isn’t any response at your principal Internet telephone. You Won’t miss any calls in case your internet phone service is down in the event you set this up in advance to call your own cell. The attribute lets you automatically route calls to a different number of your choice (such as your mobile phone, a neighbor’s home or office telephone) in the event there’s no net connectivity.

So that you can get this done your broadband internet provider typically must be someone besides the local phone company. Most phone companies don’t permit you to have without subscribing with their local phone service, DSL net. In the event you intend to make use of internet phone service and remove your own monthly phone company statement, cable internet service is a great selection.

As of late, the caliber of internet phone service is at least as great as conventional land line service – as long as you decide on an excellent VoIP supplier. It’s vital that you decide on an internet phone service supplier with an excellent reputation for service as well as a big customer base.

Since it needs a high speed web connection, it is crucial that you keep in mind the grade of your internet service has an immediate effect on the grade of service you’re going to get out of your phone that is internet. The bandwidth appears unpredictable or in case your broadband connection is slow-moving, you’ll experience call quality problems. You need to experience only happiness by means of your service as soon as you happen to be joyful using the uniformity of your broadband service

How Softswitch Has Become Significant for Wholesale VoIP Provider

There were lots of issues we used to face in terms of management of IP Telephony, thanks in big part to evolution and the emergence of technology that is softswitch. Softswitches are software-based applications that facilitate the switching environment of PBX systems, replacing analog and IP trunks. The technology arranges and the most advanced goods in the marketplace offer more functionality, along with routes calls almost.

The VoIP market keeps growing, In latest Research reporting that the international VoIP market reached $61 billion from them in 2012, a nine percent lump previous year. The research company predicts that the market will expand to $81 billion by 2017, so it seems it is poised to experience a renaissance of sorts as well.

That’s mainly because of the growth of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), an activity that has revolutionized networking services by decoupling network functions from proprietary hardware applications so they could run on software. Since softswitches are applications-based, they could be virtualized, allowing central management of call routing infrastructure, for more easy. In addition to that, this  technology reduces the danger of vendor lock-in, as the applications can be used on any regular computer and server.
iKcon Softswitch Admin Panel
But technology also grants VoIP providers various other advantages. Softswitches are incredibly scalable by nature and certainly will handle thousands of calls concurrently, based on the special model being used.
Now’s business landscape keeps changing, as well as in order to remain current, you’ve got to change with it. Since the technology is software-based, upgrades might be manufactured by downloading new versions. That means that you simply don’t have to bother about entirely replacing an option that’s already in position.

After your operations, system managers can look with simple use of the Internet. So if your system manager is not available still you don’t have to be worry because this can be fixed remotely just by taking the access of internet via remotely things can be fixed Whenever any issue appears, troubleshooting and maintenance can happen remotely, meaning your systems will be back online as very quickly. Best-in-class solutions integrate call routing, billing, customer management and reporting in order to give VoIP-based termination and origination services. Companies that decide to implement this type of solution can get a plethora of advice from a single interface, saving time in the process. This is the reason this technology has became first priority of any business.


So now things have been easier for all Wholesale and Retail VoIP Business owners, that is the reason stated above that this technology brought huge change in the industry and making things easier for everyone. As now in one Soft-Switch Retail and Wholesale comes together so whether you are Wholesaler or Retailer this is going to be useful for you or if you dealing in both then this is best product for you. Reporting system makes things easier and more effective.

Major Characteristics:


  • Highly Scalable
  • Few Hardware Required
  • Very Affordable
  • Call Routing
  • Billing Interface
  • Security Features
  • Calling Cards System



Tips to Find Best SIP Mobile Dialer


If you are looking for SIP Dialer you need to take care of few things while choosing the best one. In this article you will get few tips to choose Best Mobile Dialer, we find so much confusion when we get several options. How to know which one will be best and will suit our needs.

Here are few tips which you can follow while choosing SIP Mobile App from several options.


  1. Compatibility: Test the Dialer along with your own Softswitch/PBX, is the product compatible with your device or else you might end up buying new Softswitch from the same company. If you don’t have then there is not a problem, you can test with company’s product.
  1. Audio Quality: This is one and the foremost thing you need to evaluate while choosing any SIP App, test the Audio Clarity by making few calls which will give you clear idea of the features and its stability. There are many available in the market now a-days and if you finalize any Softphone just by looking at the design and the User Interface then can create problem later so its better to measure the quality first and then check the design which should be customizable.Love
  1. Customizable: Check is the App fully customizable, as later you might need customization as per your requirements like design, dial pad, your company’s branding, logo and other required things.
  1. Codec Support: This is the thing which you need to confirm with the provider that what codec does the product support. Because Codec compatibility is important aspect in VoIP Business. Codec supports like: G729, GSM, Speex, G711, G722, AMR and others.
  1. User Friendly Interface: User Interface should be user friendly so if the SIP Device is customizable and you are looking for your own design to be implemented then go for easy look, as your clients may not be tech Savvy so easy design will make their work easier.
  1. Equipped with Advanced Characteristics: While choosing, Look for the latest and advance features which is required now a day. There are new characteristics which needs to be available like:
  • Registration – Where people can register via App (With OTP)
  • Rate & Balance Display – Rate of the Call and Remaining Balance should show on the screen
  • Social Media Integration – Facebook & LinkedIn Integration
  • Complete White Label – where you can put your company’s logo everywhere in the app
  • Display Call History
  • Advance Call Statistics
  • Online Payment Gateway


And more features as mentioned above which are required now a-days, makes the product more advance. So before choosing, look forward for above features and evaluate properly along with your device. iKcon Infotech is well known name for the VoIP Industry and dealing with Softswitch, Customized Mobile Dialers, IP PBX, ViciDial and many more from past 7 years and getting positive feedbacks from our existing clients. For more information and demo you can visit to and get free demo of our services.

Choosing the Most Effective & Best VoIP Services

ipice over Internet Protocol, essentially oulignifies words carried over a system that is digital. Basically, what occurs is this, you use your high speed net connection to the internet for phone support that is better. The calls are sent to the world wide web as an alternative to over the phone lines.

The system assets are needed, although the PC isn’t required. Guidelines or exactly the same methods which can be useful for delivering information on the web can be used for delivering transmissions. Information is normally delivered on the internet in boxes, these packets have the devices MAC or Media Access Control address, combined with the words signal as well as the equally the transmitter’s.


  • There are lots of advantages of utilizing VoIP Service over Plain Old Telephone Techniques or conventional POTS.
  • A lot more info could be transmitted on the community, because packets are used. The information may be compacted, which today utilizes time and less space, leading to lower transmission prices.
  • PC lines are run on by Voice Over Internet Protocol with no other additional lines are expected.
  • Can incorporate other styles of communications such as audio streaming and video conferencing.
  • It’s considerably quicker packets, a lot more info could be transmitted on the community
  • Can incorporate other styles of communications such as audio streaming and video conferencing.
  • It works more than a myriad of networks, with any IP enabled device such iPads iPhone among other people. In the event the rout that is chosen is unavailable

Considerably quicker

PC lines are run on by Voice Over Internet Protocol with no other additional lines are expected. It isn’t outside the realm of chance to anticipate that the conventional phone techniques will be sooner or later replaced. Your PC is being called on by the easiest method to work with it. All that’s needed is sound card, a microphone, speakers and the applications in addition to your net connection.

This additionally gives the capacity to test voicemail through the Net or to to install communications to an email, which can be sent to hand-held device or your PC.

Some Disadvantages

It utilizes electrical energy to maintain circuits operating. No strength to your own PC, signifies unless it includes battery procedure including a notebook computer, it can not operate. Using on cellular devices can readily overcomes this.

Voice Over Internet Protocol could also be dependent on strength and the specs of your PC. it can become vulnerable to every one of the results typically related to home broad Band services. These may include packet-loss, jitter and also additional variables which impact call quality. Additionally, there are some misguided values, which could be impeding ownership that is widespread.

It doesn’t operate just on the Web:

  • POTS calls might not function
  • Call may be intercepted.
  • Emergency Calls may not work

You should keep in mind that suppliers still offer voice over internet protocol service rather than absolutely all providers provide caliber along with precisely the same amount of support. You need to look for the most useful Service to satisfy you specific scenario.

It’ll be an easier add-on so as to add providers, when they have been supplied in the event you currently have hi-speed Internet. The Most Effective Solutions also needs to contain added features including video conferencing, call forward and call waiting at no added price.

This might be on the on the road to to becoming the default approach to long distance communication. It is critical to inquired as gives significant advantages over conventional phone providers, the most effective
Solutions to match your scenario.

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How Softphone is an established VoIP Software Application for Faster and Cheaper Communication?

iKconooftphone is well known name in oipoIP Telecom Business and known for its innovative functionalities. Softphone is a software for making calls and can be used from PC or any other gadget, this is a product which has telephone interface and allows you to dial the number from the dial pad. This technology is becoming popular because of the ease of use, this can be downloaded easily and can be used for making local or long distance calls in voery economical prices. People who live abroad they use for making international calls and save their lot of money.


Any person may obtain and use the Free Softphone, a Service Provider should provide the essential administration over which call are carried, a is enrolled together with the administration supplier should provide, and often a phone is banished calls to and in the goods are directed within the management provider program, these components and utility of each commodity vary beginning with one encoding provider subsequently onto another, they provides a plus where telephony and anybody who trips a lot of the moment for the newcomers, these administrations allows them to advantageously producing calls from your Mobile phones and are appropriate for small and medium-size companies those who wants to save their money by changing conventional telephones to new technology.
The edge of the Software Phone are a large amount of enclosed components are reachable into a growth are reachable to any or all calls to finish in the goods like call saving or deciding the client ID and encoding calls which are integrated in to the without PBX company reviews therefore the noted, out-bound calls from a Personal Digital Assistant without surrendering the person phone figures will be the of good use component so call backs cannot move to the firm perhaps not an individual phone which seems more skilled, these clients are reachable for specific functioning theoretical model and several high level cellphones consists of android, iOS and windows functioning theoretical model, a lot of the moment there can be used as part of combination with (Voice Over Internet Protocol), there are various encoding that are reachable on the distinct and driving functioning frame-work marketplaces which are mandatory valid internet organization retaining in mind the end target to down load and utilize the released the programs and rely on them in like fashion for different usage and company functions which slashes the cost of fiscal improvement these calls are ended by computer programs utilizing tablet computers, notebook computer, Computer and smartphones. Therefore please trip to and down-load a maximum rating app for making evaluation of quality and characteristics. It’s possible for you to purchase your own personal Soft Phone that is branded with complete modification according to your own demands.
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Get The Most Advanced and Best VoIP Mobile Dialer

Do you want to create calls straight out of your cellphone? It’s safe to state while advancing for make company communication that you will be trying to find an acceptable response? On the off-chance that the reply is yes, then we’ve got the practical and bilest effective response for you personally as Mobile Dialer App that will fulfill your yearning of creating calls through your phone. This skillful and proficient iKcon has been developed by our grasp specialists in the advanced function central point-of iKcon Infotech. If you looking for Best Customized Mobile Dialer along with your company branding (Complete White Label) then you can visit to our company’s website iKcon Infotech and pick the Best and most suitable Dialer Application and buy it at most economical price.

mobile dialers

Update the Company Freedom certainly with Our Cell programs

VoIP can become the building blocks of company or any sector at the present era. It was in the past that achievement can be got by any company without a successful and reliable communication platform that is productive and makes the company communication extremely efficient alongside the productiveness that is updated. Now a days, using the help of Application, employees can access Correspondence out of the office as well which is making the communication more easy and effective throughout the time. This program doesn’t require the office infrastructure or office devices for communication, anyone from anywhere can use the App and can be get connected to their worldwide clients.

From Higher Management to low level employees of any business; every one may be remain with the use of the VoIP Dialer Application connected making use of their head-office without any hindrance. The information can be shared by them or function the clients whilst going. Due to this off ice, the performance of company might be made better in in various folds. iKcon Infotech provides the new technology  which is beneficial for every big and small business.

iKcon App – Complete Solution in Best Price

Nevertheless, there are many Service providers who provides Application, then why to choose iKconInfotech?

iKconInfotech is dealing from last 7 years and getting appreciation from the client. Our Products:  iKcon Softswitch, IP PBX System, Callshop Solution and many other products. We’ve got significant run down of identifying and satisfied market from business enterprises.  Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. You can visit to our website for more details and other products information, we would be happy to assist you.