Anti-block solution: is the answer when you want to use VoIP technology irrespective of your location


VPN Tunnel:Anti-block solution is the answer when you want to use VoIP technology irrespective of your location. This upcoming technology is ramping up in popularity with converted pre-paid service and iKconInfotech is a provider of this new and in vogue technology to its clients all over the world. Having the latest tunneling technology, the call quality that it delivers is exceptionally clear and crisp. Use of Anti-block dialer proves to give monetary saving for the organization, no matter how small or big it may be, by saving cost on expensive telecommunication systems and technology.

Since VoIPs have been banned many countries due to political and economical issues, anti-block dialer is a lifesaver at low bandwidth areas or locations where VoIPs have been band. There areas can make use of this latest technology and recover from the big business blow that banning of VoIPs might cause. Anti-block dialer solutions have the capability to provide clear sound quality and steady connectivity even on low or restricted bandwidth. This technology reduces the bandwidth consumption by around 70% at the originating end. This assures rapid and lossless data transfer as well as clarity of calls. So, if you are looking for solutions on latest VPN servers and universally compatible with a wide range of internet enabled devices be it Android or iPhone or PC, iKconInfotech’s Anti Block Solutions is the best choice you can make.

Hosted VoIP-What could be a better option than growing your business without having to spend a fortune on equipments?

Since the Anti Block Solutions by iKconInfotech is a secured one, it safeguards against hack and theft. We at iKconInfotech, have designed this extremely complicated technology is a way that it is easy to use when you make calls over IP network no matter at what part of the world it is to be connected to. The overhead is so minimal that you will never again hesitate to call to areas where VoIPs are banned. Our anti-blocking dialer is undoubtedly one of the best that is available in the market giving amazing call quality and the cheapest call rates. It can reach to places where VoIPs can not even be thought of. Anti-blocking dialer is truly a winner when it comes to bringing down your business expenses.

System Includes in Anti Block Solution (ABS)

  1. Anti Block / Tunneling Server
  2. Anti Block / Tunneling Dialer (Android, iPhone and Windows PC)

Key features of these solutions are listed below:

  • Easy to use, install and reliable
  • Safeguarded against theft and hacking
  • Cheapest call rates
  • Amazing sound quality and clarity
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Fast and reliable performance
  • Ability to call over any IP in the world
  • Lower traffic congestion
  • Low overhead
  • Universally compatible with wide range of devices
  • Better than conventional VPN situation

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